How To Cover Whole House Fan For Winter & Tips For Covering And Protecting!

As the winter season approaches, homeowners seek ways to conserve energy and ensure their homes remain cozy and warm.

One significant area often overlooked is the whole house fan.

This ventilation device, which efficiently cools homes during warmer months, can become a source of cold drafts and energy loss during colder seasons if not appropriately covered.

How To Cover Whole House Fan For Winter Properly!

Before diving into the process, it’s vital to understand why covering a whole house fan during winter is essential.

Energy Conservation: An uncovered fan can be a source of energy loss. Warm air can escape from the house, making your heating system work harder.

Comfort: Cold drafts can make your home feel chilly, reducing overall comfort levels.

Protection: Covering the fan prevents dust, debris, and small pests from entering the home.

Materials You’ll Need

Insulation board or a specialized whole-house fan cover:

  1. Duct tape or adhesive tape.
  2. A ruler or measuring tape.
  3. A knife or scissors for cutting.

Step By Step Process

Measure and Clean: Before installing any cover, measure the dimensions of your fan to ensure a snug fit. Clean the surrounding area to ensure that the adhesive or tape sticks properly.

Opt for Ready-Made Solutions: Many companies manufacture covers specifically designed for whole-house fans. These covers are made of insulating materials and typically attach with a magnetic or Velcro strip, making installation simple and straightforward.

DIY Insulation Board Cover:

Cut the insulation board to fit the dimensions of the fan. Secure the board in place over the fan using adhesive or duct tape, ensuring there are no gaps.

Attic Side Cover: While most homeowners cover the fan from the interior, you can also add an extra layer of protection by covering it from the attic side. This double barrier ensures minimal heat loss.

Periodic Checks: Throughout the winter, periodically check the cover for any signs of wear or damage, ensuring it remains in place and effectively blocks drafts.

Additional Tips

If you use your attic for storage or access it regularly, consider using a cover that can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Always switch off the fan’s power source when installing the cover to ensure safety.

Consider adding weatherstripping around the edges of the fan for an extra layer of insulation and draft protection.

Final Words

Properly covering your whole house fan during the winter is a simple yet crucial step in maintaining a warm and energy-efficient home.

Whether you choose a ready-made solution or opt for a DIY approach, the key is ensuring a snug, gap-free fit to prevent drafts and conserve energy.

With the steps and tips outlined above, you’re well-equipped to prepare your home for the colder months ahead.

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